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#ChooseHappy: Happiness One Day At A Time

As I write this article I'm thinking about the past ten years of my life. It seems just yesterday that I left Malaysia after my divorce with three kids in tow.
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As I write this article I'm thinking about the past ten years of my life. It seems just yesterday that I left Malaysia after my divorce with three kids in tow.

As the head of a single parent family I can honestly say that the challenges have been many, not just for me but for my children too.

These very challenges have made us strong as people and as a family. I have always believed and lived my life in the belief that life is what we make of it. Everyday we get up and make a conscious choice to be cranky with the world or to be happy with it. I have been on both sides of the shores, I've had my fair share of cranky days but I have also had astounding happy days.

My children have been my strongest allies and believers in all the little reinventions of myself over the years that have allowed me to provide for them. For this I'll be ever grateful that God and my ex have blessed me with wonderful children.

My success in life has not been determined by financial gains, or at least not yet. I have based my success in life on raising outstanding citizens for the world that we live in. Citizens with a strong value of personal integrity, honesty and kindness towards others. I also wanted them to be able to face challenges head strong, capable of turning their big or small setbacks into comebacks. Above all I wished for them to be tolerant individuals, respectful of others beliefs and not limited into believing that there are differences in ethnicity.

My job as a mom, as they are now young adults, is almost complete. Now begins my role as supporter of their choices in life as adults and partners to the someone they wish to bestow their love upon.

Having been on the other side of the fence, I will patiently guide them and be their listening and comforting ear, allowing them to make their own experiences without interference but always there to heal their wounds as they discover the various shades of a relationship.

My take home in all this has been the constant decision to actively exit bad emotions and feelings the moment they appear. Negativity has a way of trying to slip through any little crack in our day. Over the years I realized that I made a conscious choice to inject and choose happiness in my life. The so called bad days were nothing more than little rocks in my path that were there to shape my determination and strength as a single mom and a woman who had to jostle the role of a father and a mother.

In all this I am indeed happy that life has turned out the way it has cause it has made me realize that happiness is something we have to constantly choose. It's not something that we should take for granted. In times when relationships breakdown we have to #ChooseHappy. We have to build and allow happiness to permeate our every day, one day at a time.

I was able to reconnect all the dots in my life when I began to become literally unstuck from limiting beliefs and became whole when my intentions totally aligned with my actions.

Over the past ten years I would write stories that would help me unroot all the limiting beliefs that I had in my life, realizing at times that some of those limitations were not even mine. This has helped me change my narrative, and I stopped listening to that little voice always trying to tell you that you can't do this or that, or just using its venomous chatter to make us think that we are not good enough.

Creating a new narrative and stop listening to this false friend has allowed me to make of my life a project. This project which is also the title of this post has once again, let fate play a big part in it when it connected me with two wonderful, caring women, Michelle and Marion. I have always believed that we women can do so much when we work together. Our trio spans across the oceans, Michelle is from the USA, Marion from the UK and me from the everlasting and beautiful Italy. Chance, fate or destiny has brought us together, unlikely in our backgrounds, but united in wanting to bring happiness to everyone's life.

I know that this experience has made us stronger as women, and has also made us realize that at times we have to let other people in and trust them to really and truly make our project a success.

In conclusion I invite you to live your life in total happiness, knowing that it's you who has to make the first step in wanting and consciously desiring to bring happiness into your life even if one day at at time.

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