Choosing the right bunk beds for kids

Choosing the right bunk beds for kids
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Kids’ furniture needs to be chosen with great care, as you have to be thoroughly sure that they are safe for your kids. This concept applies to bunk beds as well. While it cannot be denied that these beds save a lot of space in your house, it should also be noted that they should not be bought only with this purpose in mind. If properly chosen, these bunk-types of beds can be put to other uses, even after your kid grows too big for the beds. The following post will help you with a few basic tips that you should keep in mind always when you buy these types of beds for your kids.

  1. Get the measurements right

The first tip to remember when you buy bunk beds for your kids is to ensure that you get the measurements of your room perfectly. You should be clear on aspects like the following:

  • Where you would like to place the bed in your room
  • Should your bed have accessories like storage compartments, ladders, and stairs
  • How much space is required between the top layer and the ceiling so that, your kid doesn’t hurt his/her head while sitting up on the bed

Once you have clarity on these basic aspects, you can drill down the choices of beds that suit your measurement requirements and choose accordingly.

  1. Material/ Type of bed

After narrowing down your options based on your desired measurement, you will still see that there are lots of choices to pick from. This is where you need to apply the next level of filter – material of bed. Mostly, there are two types of materials used for making these kids’ beds – metal and wood. While metal beds are cheaper than wood beds, they break off easily and are more dangerous to kids as their edges are sharp. Wood beds, on the other hand, come in various smooth forms and are safer choices for your kids. Never compromise on your kids’ safety by choosing the cheaper variety of bed. Wood is the most recommended choice in this category.

  1. Durability

Now that you are left with fewer choices of beds go through each model to check how the finishing looks and the quality of materials that are used for assembling these beds. Go through the manuals or instruction guides if any to read more about these materials. Your kids are going to jump and play on these beds. Therefore, you have to choose a bed that can handle these rough activities. Wood is one of the sturdiest materials, and it also gives a nice, smooth finish to the corners. This way, your kids will not get hurt while climbing or coming down the stairs in the beds.

These are just some of the basic tips that will help you in choosing bunk beds for your kids. You can also check for other features like storage compartments, trundle bed features, choice of mattresses, aesthetics and design of beds, space-constrained options and much more. Once you decided on a particular model of bed, browse the Internet to check for the best deal, so that you can save a good deal of money on the same.

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