That Mind-Blowing Chopstick Hack Doesn't Really Work

Sorry, Internet.

Nothing sends the Internet abuzz quite like a good old food trick. So it's no real surprise that this chopstick "hack," posted Monday night by Reddit user GoldenRedditUser, delighted devoted chopstick users everywhere.

The hack, which actually would make a lot of sense, is fairly simple. Instead of keeping that small wooden block attached to the top of the chopsticks when you break them apart, the block should be removed first and used as a rest between bites.

Sound too good to be true? Well, according to some Reddit commenters, it is. The grain in the wood of most chopsticks is vertical and splinters when broken horizontally, they claimed.

Initially disheartened, we decided the only real way to figure out whether or not this hack was a hoax would be to test it out ourselves. Using two sets of chopsticks from different establishments -- one set from Lure Fishbar and another from m2m market in New York City, three separate HuffPoster's attempted to achieve chopstick rest greatness.

Here's what happened:

No go.
Suzy Strutner
No go.

One set cracked right down the middle, while the other didn't budge at all. Now, this is not to say that there might be some magical chopsticks out there this hack actually works for, but it definitely didn't work with these two sets.

If the thought of setting your chopsticks down on the table grosses you out, might we suggest purchasing this adorable looking rest for under $5? Or, if you still have the DIY bug, you could always use the wrapper as a rest, instead.

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