Choupette Covers German Vogue With Linda Evangelista (PHOTO)

Well This Is An Awkward Vogue Cover...

Just when you think you've seen it all, Karl Lagerfeld's cat/life partner Choupette is spotted covering the July 2013 issue of German Vogue.

Oh, and Linda Evangelista is somewhere in the photo too -- things start to get awkward when a feline upstages you.

The cover, shot by Karl himself, is surely going to catapult Choupette's career (everyone knows a Vogue cover is the ultimate for any model).

But we have a feeling all this pressure isn't going to get to her -- the furry animal has already been featured in a profile with Karl Lagerfeld in Harper's Bazaar, and on the cover of Grazia, so this must have been a walk in the park (which we heard was also her reward for doing the shoot).


choupette vogue

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