Chris Beauchamp and the Monster of Digital Media

Photo Courtesy of Chris Beauchamp

There are very few people that amaze me by their unique brilliance and charm, but Chris Beauchamp of Monster Media is one of them. Having worked with a variety of brands from Target to JetBlue, Chris is one of the creative geniuses behind a company that has grown into an unstoppable force in the retail digital marketing space. He truly understands how to immerse the public with mesmerizing, interactive media. The next time you are waiting at an airport, for a cab or in your favorite shopping destination, look around and take notice to the flat screens around you that are pulling you in with vivid imagery or fun content. This is the world that Chris and Monster Media is creating around us. Chris was able to take a quick moment between his many trips to the Florida Keys and his corporate headquarters in Orlando to share some great insight and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

NOVA: How did you come up with the name?
CHRIS: It's actually a simple story. I was eating popcorn and walked over to the TV because it wasn't working and a couple of pieces fell behind it--as my eyes trailed down, that's when I saw the power cord with the word "monster" on it -- I then thought to myself, we are going to be the monster of media. However, the name of a company is the least important when the company starts building. Let the consumer build the brand for you and become a part of it so they stay with you.

NOVA: What has been your biggest challenge?
CHRIS: Focusing. It is the biggest challenge for a serial entrepreneur.
There are so many opportunities and so many people, you want to be really good at one thing or ok at all things. What we want to be when we grow up is a retail solutions provider.

NOVA: What moment changed the way you look at life?
CHRIS: You can't look at life one way because it is always changing around you. I sometimes have to adapt. You have to be a chameleon going through life - not changing your core and keeping your integrity.

NOVA: What inspires you?
CHRIS: Having people around and surrounding yourself with those smarter than you that push you. All doors are open here at Monster, I work for my staff as much as they work for me.

NOVA: What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?
CHRIS: Eat, Sleep and Shit Success. Every day I wake up and know it's going to be a good day. I don't believe in luck, I just have an extremely positive attitude. Shit happens to everyone--there are a lot of other people that are worse off. Force feed yourself success!

You can read more of the interview in Volume 24 of Raine Magazine.
-Nova Lorraine, Editor in Chief of Raine Magazine.

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