Chris Bosh Videobombing LeBron James: Heat Star Latest Athlete To Videobomb, Photobomb (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bosh Delivers Hilarious 'Videobomb' During LeBron Interview

There are few things that the Internet loves more than a well-executed photobomb or videobomb, and that couldn't be more true within the sports world, either.

Post-game press availability? Perfect. Pre-morning skate? Absolutely. Case in point: Chris Bosh's hilarious cameo in a recent LeBron James interview.

After helping defeat the New York Knicks in Game 2 of their NBA playoff series on Monday night, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh snuck into view as James answered a few post-game questions on the court. Note Bosh's subtle pan into the frame and creepy eye contact on the point, capped by the swift hustle in his retreat. A truly marvelous execution.

Here are other classic moments in sports videobombing and photobombing. Which is the funniest?

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