'Chris Brown Can Beat Me' Tweets Cause Controversy After 2012 Grammy Awards

Chris Brown's Fans: 'He Can Beat Me Any Day'

Chris Brown made a triumphant return to the Grammy stage Sunday night. Not only did the singer stun viewers with his fancy footwork, he also scored a major win for "Best R&B Album" for his latest "F.A.M.E."

The "Beautiful People" singer seemed confident as he pop locked on colorful blocks during his performance. But when it came time for his acceptance speech, the nervous Breezy had few words. He did, however, remember to thank those who stuck by him after his very public and controversial break-up from singer and ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

"Team Breezy, man this all for you," he said while accepting the award. "All my fans back home, I love ya'll. We got one."

Brown's fans have never hesitated to offer endless support on Twitter, adopting the "Team Breezy" pet name as a trending topic on the social network. But recent tweets have raised eyebrows and caused outrage as some admirers seemed to condone the singer's reputation of domestic violence.

During his performance, some took to Twitter expressing their admiration of the star and desire to be beat up by Brown himself, Colorlines reports.

The tweets have upset a number of people who question the message this is sending to young girls about domestic violence.

"Where have we gone wrong as a society when girls think it's OK to be hit if the guy is hot?" Lisa Cianci wrote in a blog for the Orlando Sentinel. "How can anyone think this is funny? What message does this send to other boys?"

It's been three years since Brown has showed his face at the awards show, and since then he has proven to be the ultimate comeback kid. He has even sparked controversy over a potential reunion with his former lover. But have fans crossed the line with their support of the singer?

We've compiled some of the many the controversial tweets. Check them out for yourself below.

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