Chris Brown's New Song To Include Gay-Friendly Message In Connection With Singer's 'Unity Campaign'

Chris Brown used to be prone to homophobic slurs. Now he's singing a different tune: one that's decidedly pro-gay.

Brown issued a series of tweets Friday that revealed he will release a new single on Monday in conjunction with what he calls his "Unity Campaign." The move feels unprecedented for a singer who's known for his physical and verbal assaults.

Brown wrote:

Brown, whose sixth album comes out July 16, has apologized before for various gay slurs, including a 2011 incident that found him lashing out at "gay" paparazzi and a 2010 Twitter rant in which he called B2K member Raz-B a "#homothug."

The singer's latest move serves as perhaps his most explicit attempt to win favor with the general public, a hard feat for someone who claims he "like[s] being the person everyone hates." We're willing to give Brown a shot here, but he'll have to practice what he preaches without exception for once.



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