Chris Brown Rant: Singer Goes Off About How To Talk To A Woman (NSFW VIDEO)

Chris Brown's Bizarre Rant About How To Treat A Woman

Chris Brown needs to think before he speaks.

The singer, 23, went off at Emerson Theatre in Hollywood early Thursday a.m., wildly ranting to the crowd about how to treat a woman -- and it was all caught on tape. In a video exclusively obtained by TMZ, Brown interrupts the DJ, grabs the mic and starts explaining how he keeps Rihanna where he wants her.

"Every guy in this building has said one thing to their female ... If you're not an insecure n----, and you let her have fun with her friends, I applaud you. But you gotta say that one thing to her, and I made this s--t up. [sings] Don't make me have to tell you again, that that's my p---y baby! It is mine, baby, babe, mine. So you better not give it away!"

Brown continued by telling the men in the crowd to heed his advice and make sure their "b---hes" know who's boss.

"So every person in this motherf----- building, if you got a bad b---h you better say that to her. Cause she might f--k another n----."

Rihanna's on-again love has been trying to make a conscious effort to assure people that he's deeply sorry for the now infamous 2009 Grammys incident, where he beat Rihanna and tarnished his image. Brown recently told the Mirror that night is "the deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake."

Let's just say this bizarre rant might be another huge regret of his.

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