Chris Brown, Rihanna Can't Stop Sharing Photos Of Each Other

Chris Brown, Rihanna Can't Stop Sharing Photos Of Each Other

Chris Brown and Rihanna: Are they or aren't they? And if their relationship status is indeed "Nobodies Business," as they sang/mispelled on their duet on Rihanna's new album, why do they continue to taunt us with images of them together on their social media?

Case in point:

Rihanna tweeted a photo of her holding Brown's hand Thursday:
rihanna hand

While Brown tweeted (then deleted) this photo of the former couple the same day:
picture 5

But wait! On Wednesday, Rihanna shared an Instagram photo that said she was single! (And that it "sucked.")
picture 6

Single, huh? Three weeks ago, it was all about this:
picture 7

And that's not even going into the flurry of other Brown-Rihanna Instagrams, Twitpics and messages to each other we talked about here and here.

What is going on here? Why do we care? And if they insist on being coy, why do they continue to air out their relationship so publicly? Ten bucks says that Rihanna and Chris are off in a corner somewhere, smartphones out, laughing at their elaborate ruse to drum up more publicity. But in the meantime, sound off on what you think in the comments below.

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