Chris Brown's Alleged Pickup Line Causing A Stir, Singer Responds To Claims

Chris Brown Responds To Rumors Of His Alleged Pickup Line

Another day, another Chris Brown headline.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Brown has a new pickup line. According to Us Weekly, the recent Grammy winner approached a woman at the award show gift lounge with the line, "Can I get your number? I promise I won't beat you." While Brown and his friends reportedly had a laugh about the offensive come-on, it seems they may be the only ones.

This line is even more over-the-top coming from Brown -- he notoriously assaulted his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, on Grammy night three years ago. But Brown's rep told Us Weekly, "I'd be surprised if Chris said something that stupid." Brown similarly released a statement to TMZ, saying "That is absurd and absolutely not true. I did not say that nor would I joke about that."

Since Brown exploded back onto the scene Sunday night with his performance at the 54th annual Grammys, it has been nothing but a comedy of errors for the 22-year-old star. The public, and even some celebrities like Miranda Lambert and Jack Osbourne, aren't ready to forgive and forget. Lambert tweeted, "He beat on a girl ... not cool that we act like that didn't happen." She was not alone as Twitter erupted Sunday with 140-character complaints about acceptance of the singer despite his controversial past.

Although Brown had plenty of his own fans defending him against the backlash, he still felt the need to speak up for himself. But unfortunately for the singer, and his PR team, his choice of words left little room for forgiveness.

Brown's outburst led "RIP Chris Brown" to trend on Twitter the following day, keeping Brown's name buzzing around the Internet and water coolers across the country. Not long after Brown released his Twitter statement, the tweet, among others, was pulled down.

It still doesn't end.

Early Thursday, reports surfaced that Brown attended Rihanna's Caribbean-themed birthday party the previous night, appearing very friendly with the birthday girl and further fueling rumors that they have plans to reconcile. But Brown reportedly wanted to keep his appearance quiet, allegedly asking partygoers to sign a confidentiality agreement, to keep his presence at the gathering unknown.

But Brown's Twitter silence was short-lived. He has since commented on the latest rumor, re-tweeting articles that show the pickup line rumor is false, saying "keep em coming!"

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