Chris Christie Breaks Out Best Dad Moves At Springsteen Concert

Show a little faith, there's magic in the night.

His days as a Republican presidential hopeful are over, but New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is still living "Glory Days."

Christie, one of Bruce Springsteen's biggest fans, loomed large at a Brooklyn concert Monday night. He was videotaped by several fellow Bruce lovers moving and chanting to the Boss at Barclays Center.

Some remarked on Christie's "dad dancing." 

Christie, 53, has certainly been willing to reach across the aisle to Democrat backer Springsteen, having reportedly attended more than 100 of his concerts. (Springsteen doesn't seem to return the admiration.)

And now the governor has solidified his dad cred in front of thousands in New Jersey's rival state.

Maybe you were born to run, Governor, just not for president.

 H/T Uproxx