Chris Christie Explains Why He’ll Run Against Donald Trump With A Dwight Eisenhower Ding

“We lost, we got our butts kicked," the former New Jersey governor told "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said on Monday he’s not afraid to jump into the 2024 presidential race, even if Donald Trump is involved.

Christie, during an interview with “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, said he was “certainly” considering another run for the White House and said Trump wasn’t exactly Dwight Eisenhower. Other possible GOP candidates have hinted they won’t run if Trump decides to mount a comeback.

“If you believe that you’re the best person to be president of the United States, why does it matter who else runs?” asked Christie. “To me, it’s almost disqualifying to say, ‘I’ll defer to somebody else.’ We’re not talking about Dwight Eisenhower here.”

Watch the full interview here:

Elsewhere in the interview, Christie urged Republicans to talk about the future instead of dwelling on the past, like his 2016 GOP primary rival and longtime friend Trump.

“No Republican should be talking about yesterday,” he said. “We lost, we got our butts kicked. We lost the House, the Senate and the White House in two years. The only other time that’s happened to the Republicans in our entire existence since Lincoln was Herbert Hoover ― not something you really want to go back to. We don’t call that the good old days, Trevor.”

Noah said he hoped Christie, who is promoting his new book “Republican Rescue,” would run for two reasons.

“One, because you make things interesting,” Noah said. “And two, because you are one the few people on that stage who are going to say something real to Donald Trump.”

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