Chris Christie Makes Emotional Plea To Rethink Drug Addiction Treatment

The New Jersey governor shows why he's so effective in town hall meetings.

UPDATE: Christie's talk on addiction, part of the HuffPost original series '16 and President, has been viewed millions of times on Facebook and shown repeatedly on cable news.

BELMONT, N.H. -- While campaigning recently during happy hour at Shooter's Tavern here in this small New Hampshire community, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) related a pair of personal anecdotes to elucidate why he thinks the United States should change the way it handles drug addicts.

After speaking in highly personal terms about his late mother's smoking addiction, Christie recounted an emotional story about a law school friend who became addicted to prescription painkillers.

Although Christie has failed to move the needle in national polls, he has been well received in more intimate New Hampshire town halls. Watch the above video, an outtake from a recent episode of '16 And President, to see why it may be a mistake to count Christie out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination just yet. And watch the full episode below.

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Chris Christie

Chris Christie

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