Chris Christie Makes Fun Of Fat Jokes, 'Idiot' Insults In 'By The Numbers' Release

The office of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) put out a release on Wednesday, making light of some of the media stories that have helped define his tenure in office.

The "Christie By The Numbers" document includes items such as "David Letterman Fat Jokes" -- it says 327,832, though his office told Talking Points Memo that the number itself was a joke -- alongside more substantive figures, such as bills signed and press conferences held.

Christie has generally been a good sport amid Letterman's steady torrent of jabs about his weight.

“I saw Letterman’s Top 10 list. I thought, you know, probably 8 out of the 10 were really funny,” Christie said last year, following a "things that would be different if Christie were president" segment that focused primarily on the Republican's girth.

On Wednesday, however, Christie followed up on his release with a tweet taking aim at Letterman's show:

At one point, Letterman said he would cut back on the constant ribbing, but earlier this week he ran with a gag called "Chris Christie Is Funnier With Fat Guy Music."

Christie's release also notes the two confrontations in which he called questioners "idiots," and makes mention of three Bruce Springsteen concerts he's attended since entering office. There's nothing about the governor falling asleep at one of them, however, an allegation that the self-proclaimed Springsteen fanatic has vehemently denied.

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