Chris Christie Blasts Gay Marriage Rulings (VIDEO)

LISTEN: Christie Blasts Gay Marriage Rulings

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) blasted the Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act, calling it "wrong."

"I don’t think the ruling was appropriate," Christie said Thursday on his "Ask the Governor" radio show, according to Politico. "I think it was wrong."

Christie criticized the justices, calling Kennedy's opinion "incredibly insulting" to President Bill Clinton -- who signed DOMA into law in 1996 -- and to the "340-some members of Congress who voted for the Defense of Marriage Act."

"[Kennedy] basically said that the only reason to pass that bill was to demean people," Christie said. "That’s heck of a thing to say about Bill Clinton and about the Republican Congress back in the ‘90s. And it’s just another example of judicial supremacy, rather than having the government run by the people we actually vote for."

In February 2012, Christie rejected a bill allowing same-sex marriage in New Jersey, vetoing the measure and renewing his call for a ballot question to decide the issue.

"Let's put it on the ballot, and let's let people decide. And if the people of New Jersey –- as some of the same-sex marriage advocates suggest the polls indicate -– are in favor of it, then my position would not be the winning position," Christie said at the time.

Christie has said he is against gay marriage personally, but "willing to be governed on it."

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