Watch Chris Christie Get Confronted At The Iowa State Fair

"This guy forgets that I'm from New Jersey."

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) seemed unfazed when he was interrupted multiple times during an appearance on the Des Moines Register soapbox at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday.

The protesters took issue with Christie's stance on immigration, campaign financing and a bill he vetoed last year that would have banned farmers from using gestation crates for pigs, which animal advocates say are cruel.

While Christie has spoken out in favor of a "path to citizenship" for immigrants, he said on Saturday that he doesn't "think anybody who knowingly came here illegally should become a citizen."

Christie, who drew attention on the national stage in part because of YouTube videos that showed confrontations between him and New Jersey residents, seemed to relish the opportunity to deal with the demonstrators.

"This guy forgets that I'm from New Jersey," Christie said to one man shouting at him. "You're minor league compared to what I deal with most of the time, brother."

After activists supporting the pig crate ban rushed the soapbox and were escorted off, Christie said that he felt like he was in his home state.

"I have to tell you the truth, when something like that happens, and I'm here in Iowa, man, I feel right at home," he said. "Feel like I'm back in Jersey for a couple of minutes. Thank you, Iowa, for doing that."

Watch video of the interruptions above.