So, Chris Christie Might End Up Replacing Mike Francesa

Remember when people thought this guy might become president?
Chris Christie throws a sports ball. 
Chris Christie throws a sports ball. 

Chris Christie, once thought to be a potential Republican candidate for U.S. president, is now in the running for a job of a very different variety: Mike Francesa’s. reported Wednesday that WFAN 660-AM’s program director, Mark Chernoff, would be interested in hiring the New Jersey governor as the replacement for legendary afternoon radio host Mike Francesa, should Francesa actually decide to retire at the end of 2017. 

I would certainly at least want to consider him,” Chernoff told the outlet. “If he’s interested and we’re interested, it’s worth pursuing.” 

WFAN, which predominately covers sports in the tri-state, famously became the first radio station to dedicate itself entirely to sports 24 hours a day in 1987. 

Christie would be just one among “plenty of [other] candidates,” cautioned Chernoff, who is also vice president of WFAN’s parent company, CBS Radio New York.

Christie is set to end his time as governor of New Jersey less than a month after Francesa is expected to retire. Speculation about Christie’s interest in Francesa’s gig has only grown increasingly louder since he called in to the host’s show in January to discuss his next opportunities, saying he’d “have wide-open ears.”

Last week, Christie told the SNY cable network that his son told him it would be “great” if someone paid him to talk about sports, since the son had been listening to his father talk about them for his “entire life.” 

“So, yeah, that’s certainly one of the things that I hope I’ll have a chance to consider when I get out and stop being governor,” he added. 

Even if Christie is interested in the job, people on the internet expressed shock that the governor, who this time last year was just weeks removed from running for president of the United States, would take on such a gig.

Some noted the irony of him potentially moving into the entertainment business as President Donald Trump gets used to life in government. But with the whole scandal surrounding the bridge lane closings in his home state, I mean, what did you really expect? 

By the way, Chris Christie is a Dallas Cowboys fan



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