Chris Christie: Mitt Romney Apologized 'Right Away' For Double Down Leaks

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) spoke out Tuesday on details released in Double Down explaining why he was not named Mitt Romney's vice presidential nominee.

An exclusive interview with CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper," revealed that it didn't take long for Romney to apologize over word getting out that his aides were not Christie's biggest fan.

"Mitt called me right away, and I could tell he was really embarrassed and outraged about it," Christie told CNN.

In a Double Down excerpt released by TIME.com Saturday, Romney's camp had several concerns about Christie, including difficulties working with his staff, lateness to events, and his overall health. At one point, Romney marveled at Christie wearing a suit, remarking “Guys! Look at that!”

"It's very disappointing," Christie said CNN Tuesday about those details becoming public. "I think it’s a complete violation of trust of me and the spirit within which I entered that process."

In an interview last Sunday with NBC's "Meet The Press," Romney dismissed the notion of Christie's health being an issue, adding that he expects him to be a frontrunner in the 2016 election. Regarding the VP vetting process, Romney said there was "nothing" found by researchers that wasn't public record addressed effectively by Christie's camp.

"At this stage, you look at Chris Christie and say that's a very impressive guy with a great track record, with a demonstrated ability to work across the aisle, with support of labor and blue-collar voters in New Jersey," Romney said.



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