Chris Christie 2012: The Media Speculation Reaches A Fever Pitch

Despite his denials to the contrary, cable news hosts continued to speculate Tuesday about a possible presidential bid by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Jason Linkins explained the boomlet:

What drove this meme? Well, it's nothing that Chris Christie did. The Christie Boomlet existed because the Rick Perry Boomlet has faded, thanks to a bunch of debate performances in which Perry was seen to tire under the spotlights. After a third performance in which he was ineffective in his attacks on Mitt Romney and bloodied up by the second tier of candidates, Bill Kristol very quickly swapped out his "Paul Ryan 2012" button for one that read "Chris Christie 2012" and put all of his angst into a piece in the Weekly Standard titled "Yikes."

Fox News reported Monday that he wasn't running, but then ABC News later found a source saying that he was still "considering" a run.

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