Chris Christie: Smart Politician or Biggest Loser?

This morning Governor Christie stopped fighting. He abandoned the state's legal challenge to same sex marriage. It's over. Marriage equality is now the law of my home state of New Jersey. With the fall of DOMA, our marriage in New York State and soon in New Jersey, Eileen and I can, after 32 years, drop the "partner," "significant other," "civilly unionized couple-like entity" and go with good old-fashioned "wife."

Wow. Eileen and I had a good cry, we jumped up and down like 8 year olds and then stopped. We were flabbergasted. So too were all the legal advocates.

Why did Christie throw in the towel?

Time for a multiple-choice quiz:

a) Christie was fighting a losing battle. He did not want to be the biggest loser.

b) Senator-elect Cory Booker looked like he was having so much fun at the first NJ same-sex wedding in Lambertville at midnight last night (Chris likes to have fun).

c) Senator-elect Cory Booker got so much press performing the first NJ same-sex wedding (Christie likes press even more than he likes to have fun).

d) The Republicans look so painfully out of step right now on so many issues that someone in his party told him to just give it up.

e) If he waved the white flag on this, maybe a few Democrats in the state of New Jersey and elsewhere would actually like him.

f) Insert your own answer here -- actually in Comments below.

Some good choices there, huh?

I'll start by eliminating (e). I do not believe this scores Christie any points with people who continue to ask themselves "How did this guy get elected?"

OK, now Cory Booker. Christie has to be really unhappy with Booker, who finally has a job commensurate with his national profile. Is this really the issue he wants to go toe-to-toe with our newly elected senator? Methinks not.

Maybe someone stepped in from the national party and told him to let this one go. My gut tells me no. This is a guy who is a bully in a state with the strongest anti-bullying legislation in the country. Bullies are arrogant and don't do much listening.

So in my mind, the correct answer is simple. He decided to lose and be done with it. He stood zero chance of winning if he kept fighting. The longer the battle, the bigger the loser.

But enough about Chris Christie.

Let's talk about my wife and how lucky and blessed I am. Let's talk about the rights and responsibilities that come with a marriage license that have been denied us for 32 years. Let's talk about our three kids who will be able to attend their parents' wedding. Let's talk about gift registry.

Let's talk love, marriage and equality.