Chris Christie Criticizes Snooki, 'Jersey Shore' Cast

Chris Christie took a shot at Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi on Thursday night after the Jersey Shore star bashed the New Jersey Governor on Twitter.

Snooki tweeted last week that she wouldn't vote for Christie, who has been extremely critical of the reality show and its stars.

Christie fired back during his speech at the annual BioNJ dinner, pointing out that "she lives in New York, she can't vote for me."

"You see, this further reinforces my concern about these people," he said, according to NJ Biz. "I tell [New York Governor Andrew Cuomo] all the time, 'you can have them back'. You will not be shocked to know that he has not sent a car yet, for Snooki, or JWoww or The Situation."

"I will not be voting for Chris Christie. Love always, the 'buffoons' from that degrading Jersey Shore show," Snooki had tweeted. Last fall, Christie vetoed a $420,000 tax credit for the show's production because he thought it would help "perpetuate misconceptions" about the state.

According to Politico, Christie also called the reality stars "losers".

(h/t Mediaite)



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