Chris Christie Cuts Down Town Hall Questioner (VIDEO)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) didn't take kindly to a constituent's recent question about how his administration conducts town hall meetings.

At a gathering in West New York, N.J., this week, one constituent took the microphone and challenged Christie, raising concern over the possibility that the governor had planted a question at an earlier town hall.

Christie responded by seizing on the thinly-sourced claim and showing the questioner little mercy. To be fair, the man was forewarned, as the governor began the town hall by cautioning that "if you give it, you're gonna get it back."

"You really, in front of this group, with all the problems we have in this state, you're wasting these people's times with a question on whether we plant questions in the audience?" Christie said. "If I plant questions, why the hell did I call on you?"

With a kicker as effective as this, however, the question remains: Does Christie plant questions at town hall meetings?

(Video above via New Jersey Star-Ledger)