Chris Christie Weight Comments: 5 Presidents Over 200 Pounds

When Barbara Walters asked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie whether he is too fat to become president, Christie dismissed the question as "ridiculous," touting his 18-hour days of Sandy response as evidence he's up for the job. If he does decide to run for president in 2016, there will be more discussion of his physique — more than there was of Obama's in 2008, when noise that he was too thin to be relatable inspired the New York Times to publish this history of presidential contenders by height and weight.

The 20th century was a slim one for U.S. presidents, with only five of them weighing in at 200 pounds or more, and two considered obese, according to the NYT chart. Here they are, starting with a 1990s Bill Clinton:

Bill Clinton

5 Presidents Over 200 Pounds

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