Chris Christie's Wife's Eye Roll at Donald Trump's Victory Speech: Is it Really Eye Roll-Gate?

No. It's not worth calling it Eye Roll Gate. That's ridiculous. And it's not even an eye roll.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's the scene as told by Larry O' Connor

At Tuesday night's victory speech, the first lady of New Jersey Mary Pat Christie was positioned alongside her husband directly behind the New York billionaire. At one point, Trump said of Hillary Clinton, "The only thing she's got going is the woman's card. And the beautiful thing is women don't like her, OK?"

At that moment, Mrs. Christie shifts her gaze. Now, this was not the first time she shifted her gaze. After all, it's kind of an awkward situation, having to stand behind a politician while they're giving a victory speech, isn't it? I mean, where do you look? If you just stare at the back of his head, you look kind of weird. If you look into the crowd, it looks like you're not paying attention.

But, at this moment, [some in the media] were absolutely confident that Christie's shift of gaze was in fact, an "eye roll."

"Mary Pat kind of looked over at her husband. She winced or rolled her eyes," CNN analyst Gloria Borger breathlessly told Anderson Cooper. "The thing about Donald Trump is that he doubles down on everything. He doesn't apologize. He doubles down and what he was doing tonight not only was gratuitously taking a slap at Hillary Clinton as a woman but also stirring the pot."

Ok watch this so you can see for yourself.

Does she roll her eyes as some in the media want you to believe? Absolutely not. An eye roll signifies blowing someone and their ideas off.

Contrary to what is claimed from the account above, she doesn't give her husband the sideways gaze. We can't tell exactly who she's looking at but it's not him.

What we see from Mary Pat is the sideways glance while her eyes widen. People's eyes widen when there's fear present. Without speaking, she's saying 'Oh he goes again, I told you he'd go off the rails at some point,' to whoever she's had previous discussions with.

Between this and her Husband Chris Christie's blank look at the event when he put his support behind Trump, we know that the couple has mixed emotions about their support for Trump. Their body language just isn't congruent with being full supporters.

Are the Christies wanting to appear like they're supporters of Trump so they can be seen as jumping on board with a winner? Is Chris Christie wanting a Vice-Presidential nomination? Or is there something else? What are they covering up? Time will tell. But this body language expert says something's fishy with these two.