Chris Colfer Adopts Fat Cat (VIDEO)

Chris Colfer Adopts Fat Cat

"Glee" star Chris Colfer joined Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Jimmy Kimmel on "Live with Kelly!" (weekdays on ABC) and discussed his newly-adopted, 22-pound pet cat Brian.

"He's a little bit in denial about his size and thinks he's very very small. So I go home and find him stuck in all kinds of things," Colfer explained. He said he tried to put the cat on a diet, but "he kept breaking into the food."

Colfer has been joking about the cat's hefty size with his Twitter followers. He recently tweeted, "Note to self: Next time you're looking for keys, wallet, or phone, begin with checking under the cat."

An animal lover, Colfer adopted the 8-year-old cat from a rescue shelter and has urged his fans to do the same.

Correction: Colfer tweeted that he owns one cat and five fish. A previous version of this post said he owned three cats.

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