Chris Columbus Explains The Obstacles To Making A 'Goonies' Sequel

Fans of the 1985 cult classic "The Goonies" have been asking for a sequel for years, and Chris Columbus, who wrote the screenplay for the film, understands the desire. But as he explained to HuffPost Live on Monday, the idea poses several challenges.

"There are a lot of writers who are interested in writing 'Goonies,' but the problem is that we are very protective because it's such a well-loved movie," Columbus said.

That lines up with what "Goonies" actor Sean Astin told HuffPost Live last year, when he and co-star Corey Feldman discussed the prospect of a sequel. "I happen to know that they are actively trying to secure a writer based on an outline that they feel really confident about," Astin said last May.

Columbus, who joined HuffPost Live along with Josh Gad to discuss their new action flick "Pixels," added that it would be simpler to create a follow-up to "Gremlins," another '80s classic that he scripted.

"'Gremlins' is a little easier to probably come up with something, because gremlins exist as creatures. They haven't aged. The Goonies have aged 30 years. There was a magic about that particular cast, so how do you make it work now? And that's a difficult challenge," Columbus said.

Watch Columbus discuss potential sequels in the video above, and click here for the full HuffPost Live conversation with the star and director of "Pixels."

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