Chris Coons Mocks Jake Tapper

ABC's Jake Tapper was the target of a pointed zinger by Democratic Senator Chris Coons at a dinner on Wednesday.

Coons' jab took place at the Washington Press Club's annual dinner. Congresspeople from both parties always show up to the dinner to do a few one-liners.

Tapper was filling in as emcee for his ABC colleague Christiane Amanpour. She had been slated to host the dinner, but has been in Egypt covering the uprising there.

Before Tapper introduced Coons, he got in a few digs at the Delaware Democrat, saying that he "should not be here" (because he only won due to Christine O'Donnell being his opponent), and calling him a "warlock" and the "Angry Birds champion of the Senate."

According to several people at the dinner, Coons referenced the fact that Tapper was not originally slated to be the emcee of the event, saying it was "not the first time" that Tapper had been the second choice behind Amanpour. This was a clear nod to the fact that Tapper had been tipped as a top contender for the role of "This Week" host--one that Amanpour eventually got.

Tapper didn't let the zinger go unnoticed.

"Senator Bilbo Baggins, everyone," he said after Coons had finished.

See Tapper's full set here.