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Chef Chris Cosentino's Butcher Briefs, Meat Socks, Chef Jeans Could Be A Reality (PHOTOS)

We're not sure these need to exist.

Several years ago, chef Chris Cosentino teamed up with goofy clothes company Betabrand to create Gluttony Pants. His whimsical food-inspired clothing ideas didn't end there, though. Cosentino is back with three new projects, and he needs your help to make them a reality.

These items will go into production if enough people express a desire to purchase them; for now the projects are in a "think tank" phase. But if there are enough votes, posts on social media or comments about the items, then they could be yours for a price.

First, there's Chef Jeans, for chefs who want to wear jeans in the kitchen. Features include a "vented crotch area, due to prolonged proximity to flame."

chris cosentino

Next, there's Meat Feet Socks. We'll let this blurb from Cosentino speak for itself:

It's no secret that I love tasty, salted pig parts. I was looking at some salami tubes the other day and it hit me: "Tube socks. Salami comes in a tube. Why not salami socks?"

chris cosentino

Finally, Cosentino has created Butcher Briefs. So, yeah.

chris cosentino

Can't wait to get your hands on some? Let the world know.

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