NRA Lobbyist: 'We Are On The Cusp Of Losing This Great American Freedom'

The NRA's Chris Cox raised fears of a gunless America, but Hillary Clinton has never said she'd take away guns.

CLEVELAND ― When it comes to gun policy, Republicans are quick to redirect attention to gun-hating Democrats, claiming they plan to strip everyday Americans of gun rights. 

Chris Cox, head of the NRA’s lobbying arm, was quick to do just that Tuesday in a speech at the Republican National Convention. 

“We’re on the cusp of losing this great American freedom and with it, this great nation.” Cox said, claiming a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean a gunless America.  

Cox reassured the crowd, however, that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump would protect gun rights. 

“The only way we save it is by electing Donald Trump the next president of the United States,” Cox said. 

Clinton has proposed universal background checks, eliminating loopholes that make it easy for people to purchase guns, and removing legal immunity that protect gun dealers and gun manufacturers from liability for the harm their products cause. But she has not proposed eliminating the right to bear arms. 

This isn’t the first time Republicans have falsely accused Democrats of wanting to take away guns. Whenever public sentiment has turned to increased gun control in the wake of mass shootings, Republicans have turned the conversation to President Barack Obama and his supposed plan to take away guns. Obama has repeatedly denounced the statements, and gun sales typically soar after each massacre. 

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