Chris Cubas Describes Getting Confused For Reggie Watts At SXSW (VIDEO)

Confessions Of A Reggie Watts Lookalike

Austin comedian Chris Cubas has a unique annoyance: He gets mistaken for Reggie Watts.

A lot.

Sure, Chris also happens to be a stocky, dark-skinned comedian with a big fro and beard, and even occasionally finds himself on the same bill as Watts when the musician/comedian tours through Texas. If you're drunk on Sixth Street (so basically, if you're on Sixth Street), you might confuse Cubas for Watts.

During South By Southwest, where both Chris and Watts performed several shows, the problem becomes especially amplified. We had a chance to talk to Chris in the grotto of Esther's Follies to dig deep into this very particular frustration.

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