Chris Cuomo Warns Media: Anthony Fauci Is Facing Something Worse Than Coronavirus

The CNN host urged reporters to keep Fauci out of politics and focused on solutions to the pandemic.

CNN host Chris Cuomo said he was worried to see infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci missing from President Donald Trump’s Monday news conference on the coronavirus outbreak. 

“He’s become like America’s grandpa,” Cuomo said. “He gives conscience and comfort and fact to this country, and uniquely so.”

But Fauci was absent Monday after reports surfaced that Trump wasn’t happy with him for contradicting the White House. This prompted Cuomo to warn the media against making the doctor a “foil” to the president. 

“Do you know what’s more dangerous than COVID?” Cuomo asked. ”Telling the truth about Trump as a member of the executive branch. No one survives that. Why put Fauci in a position of having to admit that Trump is wrong or lying when we already know that to be the case?”

As he spoke, a graphic on the screen urged: “Don’t make Fauci fact check Trump, that’s journalists’ job.”

Cuomo also said Fauci needs to be above politics so he can lead the fight against the pandemic:

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