Chris Cuomo Offers Scathing Takedown Of Democrats And Republicans Over Border Crisis

The CNN host warned "we will all be responsible for what may happen on our watch" as he torched both sides of Congress for their failure to act.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Wednesday called out both Democratic and GOP lawmakers in Congress for failing to tackle the dire conditions faced by many migrants detained at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The host of “Cuomo Prime Time” noted how there had been a 32% increase, to 144,000, in the number of undocumented migrants arrested or encountered at the border in May — including more than 11,000 unaccompanied children. 

President Donald Trump last week announced a 5% tariff on goods imported from Mexico, which he said will remain in place until illegal immigration from across the border ends. It comes into effect on June 10.

The tariff has been criticized by even Republican senators.

But Cuomo chastized them, and their Democratic counterparts, for appearing to focus on the bigger picture of policy rather than assisting migrants who are in immediate need at the border, where multiple children have died and others have been put in cages by the Trump administration.

“Why don’t you work to find a way to help the kids?” Cuomo asked. “Stem the crisis, then move onto the rules.”

“Why don’t they do something instead of just standing against anything getting done?” he added. “This is the reality, people are dying on our watch.”

Cuomo accused both sides of preferring “impasse to action here.”

“And I can’t get enough of you to feel the outrage that should come with knowing that we will all be responsible for what may happen on our watch,” he concluded.

Check out the clip here: