Cuomo Hits Christie On GOP's Blind Loyalty To Trump: 'Nobody Says A Damn Word'

“He’s lying to your face,” the CNN host told the former New Jersey governor.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo called out Republican lawmakers for defending President Donald Trump despite constant lies.

“He’s lying to your face,” an exasperated Cuomo told former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. “Your party is supposed to stand up against this stuff.”

He added:

“You railed against Clinton for it. You went after Obama when he said things that weren’t true. This president lies at a rate that is exhausting and nobody says a damn word.” 

Christie, however, said the problem started with Democrats defending President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. Since then, he said, the country has gotten “so blindly partisan” that no one will criticize their own party. 

He said: 

“Everybody knew that what President Clinton did lying under oath was wrong. Everybody knew it. Democrats didn’t say anything about it. You’re criticizing Republicans for the very same thing. It’s a valid criticism. But my point to you is, it’s not just a Republican problem. It is a political problem in our country where we’re not willing to speak the truth.”

Cuomo agreed “100 percent,” then shared a theory of his own as the two traded stories about Christie’s failed 2016 presidential bid. 

Check it out in the clip above.