Chris Cuomo: Trump ‘Is At The Head Of The Hate Parade’

The CNN host criticized the president for ordering the media “to be better and less negative” without accounting for his own behavior.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo blasted President Donald Trump for “clearly reading prepared remarks” at a Wisconsin rally on Wednesday night in which the president said the media had a responsibility to “be better and less negative.”

The president’s speech came after apparent explosive devices were sent to CNN’s New York headquarters, former President Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and other prominent Democrats.

But ― as Cuomo points out during his “Closing Argument” ― Trump stuck to his usual portrayal of the media as the enemy of the American people, showing no signs that he will follow his own advice about setting a civil tone.

“Our president cannot escape special scrutiny; he is at the head of the hate parade and way too often,” Cuomo said. “He showed tonight that he will not be the one to make the change. He never spoke about his own words or deeds, not once. And on a day that his opponents were targeted, he didn’t even name them, let alone extend a branch.”

Watch Cuomo’s full “Closing Argument” in the clip above.