Chris Cuomo Gets Some Bad News About His Coronavirus Battle From Dr. Sanjay Gupta

The CNN host is still fighting the infection, more than two weeks after being diagnosed.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has been battling COVID-19 for more than two weeks now ― and his fight’s not over yet.

Cuomo said on Tuesday night he was getting “cocky” when he reached 60 hours without fever, close to the 72-hour goal for patients suffering from the coronavirus infection.

But then it came back, hitting 101 Tuesday.

“I’m still super lucky, super blessed, compared to so many of the other people I’ve heard about,” he told CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “But I’ve got to start again, and that’s just how it goes.”

Gupta described three things doctors look for before coronavirus patients can stop isolation, including being fever-free for 72 hours, and Cuomo is still falling short.

“You’re not there yet,” he lamented.

See more of his discussion with Gupta below:

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