Chris Cuomo Says His One Coronavirus 'Silver Lining' Just Came Crashing Down

The CNN host and his wife are both battling COVID-19.

Chris Cuomo thought he could finally be together with his wife, Cristina, now that they both have the coronavirus infection that he’s been battling for more than two weeks.

But turns out, it can’t happen just yet.

“We have completely different symptoms,” the CNN host said on Thursday, adding that Cristina had lost her sense of smell and taste but did not have the fever that’s dogged him for some 17 days.

“The one silver lining, I thought would be that she and I can be together,” he said. “No.”

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta seemed puzzled, wondering why they can’t be in the same space given that they were both infected. But Cuomo said it was not yet clear if he had the antibodies that will make him immune or if she could reinfect him at this stage in his own illness.

Cuomo also said he believes coronavirus has been in the U.S. since October. Some have theorized that the virus reached the states last year, but most experts dispute that.

Trevor Bedford, who studies viruses, evolution and immunity at Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, said last week it was “empirically not the case” that the virus arrived last year and laid out the data in a thread on Twitter.

See more of Cuomo’s CNN segment below:

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