Chris Cuomo Gives 2020 Democrats A Way To Unite Against Trump’s Biggest Weakness

The CNN host said there's a way the crowded Democratic field can become an asset.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday became the latest Democrat to join the race for the 2020 nomination to run against President Donald Trump.

But polls haven’t exactly been kind to him. 

“He isn’t even in positive territory in his own city with people wanting him to run,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo pointed out. “The New York Jets have more support ― and that is a low bar.” 

And de Blasio is hardly alone in the jammed field of Democrats. 

“At least half this field is seen has having no path to the nomination,” Cuomo said. “And while there is a benefit to diverse voices and competing ideas, the goal is to win.” 

So how can they win next year? 

Cuomo has a proposition that hits one of Trump’s biggest weaknesses: his own administration.

Trump vowed to hire only the best to serve in his Cabinet, but Cuomo said he’s delivered just the opposite.

“It’s almost none of the best and mostly the rest,” Cuomo cracked.

Then, he urged Democrats to unite after the first phase of the campaign and next year form a grand ticket with not only a president and vice president, but also a full administration slate, including an attorney general and secretary of state. 

He explains below:  

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