Chris Cuomo Predicts How History Will Remember Trump’s Handling Of The Pandemic

The CNN host thinks the president's response to the coronavirus crisis will be defined by one critical word.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo argued Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s bumbling response to the coronavirus pandemic will be remembered with one critical word — inaction.

“Forget the rest of the noise about what he’s taking or what he’s doing,” Cuomo urged viewers. “History will remember his as the story of inaction. Inaction on masks, testing, tracing.”

Cuomo said Trump sees masks (which he refuses to wear) and methods used to trace and slow the spread of the contagion as bad “because he just wants to reopen regardless of the risks because he thinks it would be better for him.”

“He does not care what happens to the rest of us, apparently,” the host added.

Check out Cuomo’s monologue here:

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