CNN's Chris Cuomo Uses His Own Family History To Slam Trump's View Of Immigrants

“How many of you would be here if America was like what Trump wants it to be now? I wouldn’t."

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo delved into his own family history to support a blistering attack on President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies on Wednesday night.

The “Cuomo Prime Time” host recalled how his ancestors “on both sides of the family were almost completely uneducated, illiterate and in no way high-skilled.”

“A generation later, just one, they had a governor, the one after that, they had another governor, and an anchor at CNN,” he said. “My sisters are cancer doctors, and lawyers, people who house the homeless,” Cuomo explained. His family’s “story is common,” he said.

“So my argument is this: How many of you would be here, if America was like what Trump wants it to be now? I wouldn’t. Would you?” he asked.

“Mr. President, are you going to forget where you come from? Where most of your kids’ mothers come from? Where America comes from?” Cuomo concluded.

Check out the full segment above.