Chris Cuomo: Donald Trump’s Distorted Reality Is A National Security Threat

The CNN host took the president to task over his latest attack on intelligence officials.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo picked apart President Donald Trump’s latest attack on his intelligence officials.

On Wednesday, Trump suggested on Twitter that “the intelligence people” should “go back to school” after the leaders of America’s top intelligence agencies contradicted his false claims in their annual report on global security threats.

The host of “Cuomo Prime Time” said the whole situation boiled down to “decades of experience, legions of agents, analysts versus the president’s gut.”

“The reality is the world is a dangerous place and we have a ton of money and personnel tied up in intel for a very good reason,” Cuomo said, before claiming that “if the president is distorting the facts about national security, his distorted reality is, in itself, arguably a national security threat.”

“So whom should we believe?” Cuomo asked. “The nation’s top intel officers, who closely monitor our threats, or the president, who doesn’t read or heed daily warnings.”

Check out the clip here: