Chris Cuomo Roasts Donald Trump As 'Jilted Lover' Who Felt 'Cheated On' By Fox News

The CNN host framed Donald Trump's complaints about Fox News hosting a Bernie Sanders town hall as a jealous hissy fit.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said Tuesday that President Donald Trump behaved like “he was being cheated on” after Fox News hosted a town hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

The 2020 Democratic candidate criticized Trump repeatedly during the session, prompting tweets from the president in which he “seemed offended” that Fox News would provide such a platform, Cuomo said on “Cuomo Prime Time.”

CNN colleague Don Lemon appeared on the show and addressed Trump’s claim that his supporters were not allowed into the studio for the Sanders town hall.

“What’s with Fox News?” Trump wrote in a tweet. Lemon said people who are going to vote for that candidate in the primaries should be there, so Trump’s tweet “makes absolutely no sense, as many of them don’t make sense.”

Replied Cuomo: “It makes perfect sense if you are a jilted lover, if you’re someone who expects loyalty.”

The two also mocked Trump’s use of “we” to apparently refer to himself and Fox News “collectively,” according to Cuomo.

Watch the takedown above.