Chris Cuomo Issues Withering Assessment Of The GOP: What Do They Stand For?

The CNN host attacked the Republican Party "which used to campaign on the notion that character counts."

Chris Cuomo on Monday night called out the GOP for frequently giving President Donald Trump a pass over his “obvious abuses and wrongs.”

“We have never ever seen anything like this before,” noted the host of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”

“This president lies like no politician we have ever seen, think about that, the most ever,” he continued. “And his party, which used to campaign on the notion that character counts, now can’t count on a millipede’s feet how many times they’ve given this POTUS a pass for outright perfidy, deceit, not being trustworthy.”

“What do they stand for?” Cuomo concluded. “Except allowing Trump to do whatever he wants. They might as well change their name to ’Team Trump.’ I’m sure POTUS would be fine with that. Here’s the real question. If Trump decided to rename the party, who would stand in his way?”

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