Chris Cuomo Nails The Dark Lesson Donald Trump Has Now Learned About The GOP

The CNN host also tore into Senate Republicans for making "a Faustian pact" with the president.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday suggested President Donald Trump had “absolutely learned a lesson” from his impeachment over the Ukraine scandal ― that he now “owns” the GOP.

Senate Republicans on Friday voted to block key witnesses, including former White House national security adviser John Bolton, from testifying in Trump’s trial. That all but ensured the president’s acquittal later this week.

Trump knows he now has the Republican Party “in his hand, and when he squeezes his hand, they squeal,” Cuomo pointed out.

“He knows he can do whatever he wants,” the prime time host continued. “He has more power than any president I’ve seen in my lifetime within his own party.“

Cuomo also said Trump was correct to call the impeachment trial a “hoax.”

“Because the idea of finding things to be wrong and sitting as a senator on a tribunal where you’re supposed to be a trier of the facts and not having witnesses is a hoax,” he explained. He later accused Republicans of making “a Faustian pact” with Trump.

Added Cuomo:

Faust made his deal with the devil. He wanted everything now and he’d sell his soul later on. The crossroads here is the vote on witnesses. When you went bad on witnesses, you surrendered your dignity as a senator who was doing a job pointed by the Constitution.

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