Chris Cuomo Nails Why Trump Supporters Defend Everything He Does

CNN anchor warns Trump's defenders: "He's playing you."

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is calling on President Donald Trump’s supporters to demand higher standards from their leader.

So far, however, they’ve refused to do so. Cuomo wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that their support has “a religious quality” that leads them to defend the president almost as a matter of faith:

Earlier in the day, Trump called former White House aide and “Apprentice” contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman a “dog” after she published a book critical of him and said the president had used a racial slur.

Cuomo said the president seems to get away with insults and language that most people ― even his supporters ― wouldn’t accept:

“If my 12-year-old, Mario, called someone a ‘dog,’ he would not say it again in my presence. I guarantee you he would apologize. In fact, if he said most of the things that the president says about people he’s threatened by or doesn’t like, his cheeks would be glowing.”

Cuomo said we teach our kids respect because it matters, and he urged Trump supporters to stop defending the president when he uses this type of language.

“This kind of ugly talk is contagious,” he warned. “It creates a coarseness that leads to unintelligent confrontation.”

Cuomo called on people to demand better from the president as well as all of our leaders.

“Demand they disagree with decency. Demand they help us to be better, not worse,” he said. “Don’t let Trump off the hook by forgiving his language as a form of leadership. It isn’t.”

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