Chris Cuomo's Eulogy For George H.W. Bush Serves As Scalding Takedown Of Trump

The CNN host noted Bush's positive attributes and concluded: “We see now, acutely, how much that matters."

CNN’s Chris Cuomo paid tribute to former President George H.W. Bush on Monday night, following his death at the age of 94 on Friday.

And although the “Cuomo Prime Time” host didn’t mention Donald Trump by name, his eulogy acted as a blistering critique of the current White House.

“Bush wasn’t perfect, he made his mistakes, his campaign brought us the Willie Horton ad, the Iran Contra pardons and a conspicuous reluctance to embrace the AIDS crisis — and of course there was ‘read my lips, no new taxes,’” Cuomo said.

He also praised Bush for not demonizing opponents who called out his mistakes, for allowing himself to be made fun of on “Saturday Night Live,” for not surrendering his decency to act “ugly” or disparage those “he disagreed with.”

“We see now, acutely, how much that matters,” Cuomo noted.

Check out the clip here:

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