Chris Cuomo Hits GOP With A Damning New Nickname

The CNN host ripped GOP support of conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as "the most flagrant example of how toxic things have become."

CNN’s Chris Cuomo used a new nickname for the GOP on Friday while ripping the Republicans who have rallied behind QAnon conspiracy theory-supporting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).

The “Cuomo Prime Time” host warned that just because former President Donald Trump is now “in the rearview mirror,” it “does not mean our problems are behind us.”

“That guy did not take us down alone,” said Cuomo. “And now we see that in the newly minted GOPQ that gives more support to a lying kook who wishes death on Democratic leaders than a member of their own leadership who had the courage to tell the truth about Trump.”

The “GOPQ” term has trended on Twitter in recent days.

Greene has backed the dangerous QAnon movement, indicated support for the executions of prominent Democrats, suggested 9/11 and mass school shootings were hoaxes and claimed space lasers started California wildfires.

The House voted on Thursday to strip her of her committee assignments. She was not, however, censured by the Republican leadership.

Cuomo acknowledged some people have questioned why so much attention is being given to Greene.

“Because she is everything that is wrong with them and our state of play,” he explained. “A QAnon kook and the GOPQ just fought for her to be a leader in their ranks. It is the most flagrant example of how toxic things have become.”

Watch Cuomo’s full monologue here:

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