Chris Cuomo Debunks Pence's Claim Of ‘Whole Of Government Approach’ To Coronavirus

The CNN host broke down why the vice president's oft-repeated claim isn't true.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday debunked one of Vice President Mike Pence’s most repeated claims about the United States’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pence, who leads the White House coronavirus task force, has said on multiple occasions that a “whole of government approach” is being used to tackle the public health crisis.

But Cuomo explained why that simply isn’t true.

“That would mean HHS handing down national guidelines for both diagnostic and antibody testing,” the news anchor said. “It would mean a strategy for how to monitor hot spots and defining national reporting standards.”

“While we’re at it, it would mean the VA secretary showing up to answer how the hell he’s taking care of the people that we promised to do the best by,” he continued. “A labor secretary insisting on protections for workers, who have to be in dangerous places like meat processing plants. The HUD secretary defending fair housing rules at a time that so many are hurting.”

“In other words, it means do your damn job,” Cuomo concluded. “I know he doesn’t like the reality. What is your reality? Why are you there? And if you’re not going to help people, get the hell out and let somebody else do it. There are plenty who want to do the right thing in this country.”

Check out Cuomo’s full monologue here:

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