Chris Cuomo Pleads With Gov. Pence To Come On His Show And Explain 'Religious Freedom' Law

Chris Cuomo Urges Gov. Pence To Come On His Show

CNN's Chris Cuomo urged Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) on Monday to come on his show and give an explanation for the controversial "religious freedom" law the governor signed last week.

The new piece of legislation would allow corporations and individuals to cite their religious beliefs as a legal defense and has been widely criticized as a way to allow businessowners to refuse service to LGBT people.

Pence has avoided answering critical questions about how the bill might promote discrimination. On ABC's "This Week" Sunday, he refused to answer host George Stephanopoulos' questions about whether he believes it should be illegal to discriminate against the LGBT community under state law.

Cuomo responded Monday morning, demanding clarification:

Again, we reach out to the governor. You signed it, you're a leader. People talk about you as a presidential contender -- leaders go first. We saw you on ABC, we know what the questions are. You didn't want to answer them there. This needs explanation. Please, come on.

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