Chris Cuomo Issues 'Mad As Hell' Battle Cry Against GOP Senators

The CNN host tore into Republican lawmakers who voted against allowing witnesses in Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

Chris Cuomo on Friday told viewers they should be “mad as hell” after Republican senators voted against allowing witnesses to testify in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump over his Ukraine misconduct.

“And you need to show these people you will not take it anymore,” urged the host of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”

Cuomo claimed the GOP senators had made Russian President Vladimir Putin jealous with the way in which they’d “cowed” to Trump, later predicting they will try to “salvage their souls” by arguing Trump may have done wrong but “removal was too much.”

Concluded Cuomo:

In the movie ‘Network,’ there was this famous call to outrage against the politicians and the systems who are doing you dirty. ‘Go to your windows! Scream that you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore!’ I will tell you what, I hope your voices echo all over this country. Denying you due process was wrong. Let them know that you know what they did and you are mad as hell.

Check out Cuomo’s monologue here: